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Our mission: To give people and organizations a future

It all started with a bicycle, courage and pioneering spirit: Gerhard Kienbaum laid the foundation for our company in October 1945. Ever since, Kienbaum has been the first consultancy company in Germany and the only personnel and management consultancy of European origin.

As a family enterprise, we are now represented by 600 employees in 26 offices on 4 continents. In a complex world where predictions are impossible, the only constant is change. This means for us: We are taking the next step in the third generation. We need the intelligence of the crowd and the personality of the individual. We see ourselves as an individualized community, in which everyone is invited to unfold their potential. We are committed to long-term partnerships with our clients ranging from family owned, mid-size firms to large-scale, global enterprises.

In 2013, Kienbaum established a presence in the United States. From our headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, we serve American, German  and international clients with our expertise in Executive Search, Management Diagnostics and Assessment, NewPlacement and Career Counseling. In terms of industries we collaborate with clients primarily in automotive, industrial manufacturing, consumer goods, engineering services, technology and medical technology.

We are looking forward to helping you grow your business in the United States.

Our Expertise


George Tuna

+ 1 (310) 729 1451

Function: Country Manager, Director

Division: Executive Search

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