About us

We are a progress company – for people and organisations. And this is what we excel at: bringing potential to life. Creating the perfect match between individuals and companies by bringing today’s capabilities in tune with the demands of tomorrow: no one can do this the way we can. We are a unique combination of leadership advisory and management consulting. We scrutinise and improve skills, workflows and structures, to lead people and corporates to a higher level and build a sustainable future perspective.

It‘s our DNA – ever since Gerhard Kienbaum founded the company more than 75 years ago as the first consulting firm in Germany. Now with Kienbaum in the third generation, we are ready to take bold moves and demonstrate through our own example how to become futureproof. We are one of the most renowned and trusted brands in the industry, known for our deep expertise and human focus. We offer a trusted and respectful partnership, based on commitment and results. Now, with the challenging times ahead of us, experience and pioneer spirit will be our drivers to put people and organisations in a better position.

Co-CEOs Dr. Bibi Hahn & Fabian Kienbaum

Kienbaum Consultants International

For more than 75 years, we have been working to empower people and organisations for tomorrow’s professional world. In our complex world, the only constant is change. So that your organization can optimally meet the current challenges, we are convinced that people must be the focus of attention. Because successful change succeeds with people.

With our international offices, Kienbaum is the ideal partner for the development of your organization’s full potential. These teams provide advice on all aspects surrounding the recruitment and continued development of top-level candidates as well as employee evaluation, compensation and long-term commitment.

Thanks to more than 50 years of international presence, Kienbaum offers you an unparalleled understanding of local markets. From Atlanta to Zurich, our transnational excellence spreads across the most important economic centers and regions worldwide. Due to an optimal sharing within our international network of consultants, we can draw on an extensive pool of experience, data and learnings.






With a presence in strategic locations worldwide, Kienbaum International is proud to offer a global reach. From our headquarters to local offices, we provide world-class consulting services to effectively serve our clients in different regions. Learn more about our locations and how we can help you achieve your unique business goals.