Energy & Utilities

Finding and developing executives for the energy & utilities sector

Companies in the energy and utilities industry are currently facing a multitude of complex challenges. The rapid pace of change characterised by constantly changing legal framework conditions, renewable energy technologies and digitalisation requires a high degree of adaptability from the organisation, management and workforce. The focus here is on ensuring security of supply, sustainability and profitability. At the same time, increasing competitive pressure and regulation are forcing us to develop ever more efficient operating models.

In view of the limited talent pool, the search for executives with the necessary leadership qualities in addition to technical expertise and strategic skills is becoming increasingly challenging. Added to this is the need to qualify and motivate employees for the increasing complexity of the industry and to lead them successfully through the change curve.

It is therefore more important than ever for companies in the energy and utilities sector to find executives who are able to tackle this change with courage and actively shape it.

We see it as our mission to find top executives who not only understand the challenges of our time, but also have the vision and drive to actively advance and shape the transformation of the energy sector and public services.

Kienbaum is one of the leading Executive Search firms for companies in the energy and utilities sector in German-speaking countries and has been a supporting member of the German Association of Local Utilities (VKU) for some time. Our dedicated team has many years of experience and an extensive network in the industry. As a reliable partner, we support companies in the energy industry and public utilities in finding outstanding managers who can shape success in a highly dynamic, competitive market environment characterised by immense pressure to change and innovate.
In addition, we at Kienbaum, together with our colleagues from Leadership Development & Change, Organisational Strategy & HR Transformation, Assessment Services and Compensation & Performance Management, combine all the necessary skills for successful and professional transformation management.

Energy & Utilities: our services

Searching for and selecting the right executives

Through our industry networks, we are in close contact with experienced leaders who have the right mindset and the necessary skills for a succesful transformation.

Johannes Klein
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Jürgen Siebert
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Jörg Alexander Breiski
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Remuneration and incentive systems for managers and specialists

Appropriate remuneration for managing director and board member positions, attractive incentives to increase employer attractiveness, job grading in line with the market and requirements as well as the design of remuneration and performance management systems are core topics of our consulting services for companies in the energy and utilities sector.

Arne Sievert
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Leadership development & change

With us, you will implement successful change management that will specifically strengthen the employees in your organisation. We are with you every step of the way through the entire change process at the levels of strategy, organisation, processes and culture – with a balanced approach of stability and agility.

Henning Böhne
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Diagnostics and management assessments

With requirements-focused aptitude diagnostic procedures, we will support your company in filling strategic key positions, identifying talent and top performers and providing targeted management development.

Dr. Dennis Kampschulte
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Hans Ochmann
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Developing and implementing HR strategies

Developing and implementing people, employee and functional strategies will ensure the HR function can adapt to new requirements building on traditional HR areas.

Eberhard Hübbe
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Prof. Dr. Walter Jochmann
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