Board Positions

Individually tailored search and placements of advisory boards and supervisory boards for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) and corporations

The alignment of advisory and supervisory boards is as multifaceted as the German corporate landscape. Small and medium sized companies (SMEs) have all manner of advisory or supervisory bodies, while publicly limited (AG) companies have highly regulated supervisory boards which are highly regulated. In practice there are major differences in the composition of advisory and supervisory boards:

Owners of SMEs have a great deal of freedom in how they set up their advisory board. In order to prepare for the long-term challenges facing the business while also being accountable to the needs of the shareholder and family structure, the right appointments must be made to the boards.

Recruiting the right ‘advisory board members’ requires a strong understanding of the company and the requirements of the shareholders.

In contrast, the focus of corporate governance of public limited companies is on constantly developing quality standards. The public spotlight is increasingly focussed on the composition of supervisory bodies and how they function which means that the supervisory roles must be professionalised.

The selection of qualified candidates as recommendations for the supervisory board requires a high level of sensibilty, professionalism and the consideration for diversity aspects with regard to the internal controlling environment. The Practice Group Board Positions will support you in this process with tailor-made solutions.

Successful appointments to advisory or supervisory boards can only be made with the right understanding of the requirements of the company and the specific characteristics of the owners. With our personal advisory approach, long-standing experience and large network, we can find the right members for your committee.
Dr. Frederik Gottschalck
Head of Practice Group Board Positions

Our services in the area of board positions

Appointments to advisory and supervisory boards

With our personal advisory approach, our many years of experience and our large network, we can find professionally and personally suitable members and chairpersons for your advisory or supervisory board.

Dr. Frederik Gottschalck
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Analysing and optimising remuneration and incentive systems

We develop – taking into account industry specifics – remuneration and performance management systems which bind particularly success-relevant people to your company for the long term.

Nils Prüfer
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Board services

Besides assisting with the filling of positions on advisory and supervisory boards, we make recommendations for the optimal remuneration of your board members on the basis of a comprehensive and highly up-to-date remuneration database and independently review the efficiency of your advisory or supervisory board.

Dr. Sebastian Pacher
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