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Since the opening of the economy in 1978, China has become one of the most influential economic hubs in the world. In the post-war period, no other country has managed to expand its share of worldwide trade as rapidly as China has. Its fast-moving technology development might raise eyebrows, but while most parts of the world are still discussing potential risks of digitalization, China leads the way and is, for example, already a cashless society.

Our main goal as Leadership and Management Consultants, since being present in Shanghai in 2002, has been to continuously design, develop and deliver different programs and services that enable our customers to enhance the quality of their leaders and strengthen their teams to meet the ever-changing organizational needs of today.

With the integration of our service lines in the form of a value chain – covering Talent and Executive Search, Management and Organizational Diagnostics as well as Leadership Development and Training – we flexibly provide either modular- or solution-based advisory to support our customers in the realization of their vision.

Our experienced team located in Shanghai and our network of dedicated associates in the region are fully committed to assisting our customers in creating strong and qualified teams, developing an inspiring and visionary leadership, building a culture for transformation and embracing together what may come in the future!




这正印证了我们作为人力资源和管理顾问于2002年到来中国时的使命——即是通过不断设计、开发和提供各类专案项目与服务, 使我们的客户能提高他们的领导素质和强化团队能力,以满足当今不断变化的组织管理需求。



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Kammy Kwang

+86 21 6085 9598

Function: Country Manager

Division: Executive Search, Management Diagnostic

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